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Mega Pucker Powder Machine

Mega Pucker Powder Machine

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    • Age Group: All Ages

    • Base Price – up to 8 hours of fun!  $399.00
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      10 AM - 7 AM
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      Saturday 10 AM - Monday 7 AM
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    • $399.00
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12 Flavor Pucker Powder Machine 

Tired of popcorn and sno cone machines? Look no further...this is it! Kick off your party with a Pucker Powder Machine. The Pucker Powder Machine comes complete with an individually wrapped kit. Inside the kit you will find 5 different flavors and (60) 34 inch tubes to mix and match all of your favorite ones! !  Mix and match Birthday Cake, Strawberry, Sour Green Apple, Fruit Puch and Grape!

Serves  60  - 100 guests

Party kit Includes:

(60) 34" Tubes (12) Fun Flavors
* Birthday Cake

* Sour Apple

*  Sour Mystery Powder

* Sour Razzberry 

* Sour Fuit Punch 

*Sour Strawberry 

* Blue Razzberry

* Bubblegum
* Fruit Punch

* Grape
* Green Apple
* Strawberry


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How much sugar is in these tubes?
While Pucker Powder® is basically a dextrose based product, it does not contain as 
much sugar than one thinks. A 6" tube contains only 7.3 grams of sugar and carbs. 
When you compare this to standard size candy bars and other candy products this istypically 1/3 the amount of sugar and when comparing to many sports enhancementdrinks it is typically 1/6 the amount of sugar. 


My child is allergic to nuts; does Pucker Powder ® contain nuts?

Pucker Powder ® does not contain nuts and it is produced in a nut free environment.

For further information on allergens please view our allergen policy at Consumer



Is Pucker Powder® Kosher?
Currently all of our Pucker Powder ® flavors are Kosher. Please view our Consumer

Information page for a list of Kosher and non Kosher products.